New Westridge Park Play Structure

I wanted to inform everyone that we are getting a new play structure at Westridge Park (upper playground).  Demolition will be begin this Thursday (4/13) and the new play structure should be installed by the end of the month.  I was told this should be a pretty significant upgrade and just in time for some good weather…

Guest Speaker: Upcoming Bond Measure

LOSD to Present and Discuss Upcoming Bond Measure

Where: Westridge Elementary School Gym
When: Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 @ 7pm

  • Hear about the findings of the recent school assessment study, including the condition of all K-12 buildings and specific repairs that are needed.
  • Get first-hand information on the upcoming school bond measure from the LO School Board.
  • Learn more about the campaign supporting the school bond from members of the Keep Lake Oswego Schools First coalition
  • Q&A to follow presentation

We will hold a quick Westridge Neighborhood Association meeting @ 7pm prior to the guest speaker:

  • 2017 Neighborhood directory update
  • Neighborhood enhancement grant voting
  • Sidewalk maintenance reminder (shrubs and snow)

For more information, contact our Neighborhood Association Chair, Taylor Finley, 503-729-3396

Westridge Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Westridge Neighborhood Association Meeting November 29, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by board president, Dave Sengenberger.  The board members present: Dave Sengenberger, Taylor Finley, Ruth Bregar, and Bill Bregar.  Absent: Angie Baker. There were a total of 12 people in attendance.

Dave read the minutes from the October board meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.

Neighbors then went around the table and introduced themselves.

The treasurers report:

There is about $1,800 in the Westridge account.

Dave set the date of the next general meeting for March 14, 2017.  The board meeting will be held on February 7, 2017.

The following people were nominated and approved as new board members: Rebecca Weinstein and Kristen Hilton.

Old business:

Dave spearheaded a discussion about speeding in the neighborhood. The city manager, Scott Lazenby, suggested that neighbors call the non-emergency police number and report the license plates of offenders. The police department will then contact the speeding parties and remind them to obey the speed limit and to come to a full stop at the stop signs.  Taylor will put this information on the WNA website.  The information will go out to all the people for whom Taylor has email addresses.

Leann Barrett suggested having speakers at the general meetings.  She noted that attendance for the meetings goes way up when there is a speaker.   Taylor moved that the board should have a goal to get a speaker for the general meetings.  The motion passed.

New Business:

Dave brought up the subject of updating the neighborhood directory. There will be a committee to work on the directory.  There are 196 homes in Westridge. There has been a lot of turnover recently.  Angie Baker volunteered to help as did Kristen, Dave, Taylor, and Bill.  Since neighbors are reluctant to have a digital directory, the update will be a hard copy.

The next topic was walkability of sidewalks in the neighborhood.  A motion passed to have Taylor approach the city and get a document citing the code for keeping sidewalks clear of debris and obstruction.  If there is a problem property, the board will notify the homeowner using the city form.

Dave recognized Taylor for all his work on the Website.  Taylor updates the site every couple of weeks with pertinent information.


Future business:

Dave reported that the city planners were pushing for both high density and affordable housing.  The city code is complex.  There was a proposed multi-building duplex in the Evergreen neighborhood that the planning commission approved.  However, the Development Review Board voted it down.  Dave’s concern is that the zoning codes in any neighborhood could be changed and multi-family housing could  be constructed, even in Westridge.

A motion was passed to have a member of the school board speak at the next WNA meeting in March.

Carolee Lamata (?) spoke about trying to get the city to help pay to improve Barton Road.  The rain runoff adversely affects properties along the road.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm

A brief board meeting followed with election of officers.  They are as follows:  President, Taylor Finley; Secretary, Rebecca Weinstein; and Treasurer, Bill Bregar.  Ruth Bregar, Kristen Hilton, and Angie Baker will be directors.

A Prep Westridge meeting was held at 8:00.

Submitted by,

Ruth Bregar

Westridge Neighborhood Association Meeting 11/29 7PM

Please come, meet some neighbors, voice your opinion and get involved!

When: Tuesday, November 29th , 7:00 pm

Where: Westridge Elementary School Library

AGENDA for General Meeting 7-7:45pm
• Proposed schedule for future general and board meetings
• Election of next Board of Directors
• Update on Speeding Drivers problem   (includes running stop signs)
• Additional policing and reporting violators to police department
• Ways to keep sidewalks maintained for walkability
• Form a Neighborhood Directory Committee
• Entertain other issues of concern to the Neighborhood

AGENDA for Board Meeting 7:45-8pm
• Board to determine offices of newly elected Board members

Prep Westridge Meeting 8-8:30pm
• Taylor Finley will present on Earthquake Preparedness

Can’t make it? Meeting minutes will be posted to WNALO.ORG

Blue Heron Neighborhood Food Drive, Nov 5th & 6th

pantryI wanted to notify our neighborhood a food drive in the Blue Heron neighborhood.  This would be a good time to clean our your pantry of items that you’re not going to eat, or that you would be willing to donate.

For those who use extra canned food for emergency preparedness supplies, this would be a good time to donate your stored food and refresh your supply before it goes bad.

Blue Heron Neighborhood Food Drive
November 5th & 6th
Bring your donations to: 17391 Cardinal Drive

Here is the full flier: tualatin-school-house-pantry-flier


It has become apparent that there is a noticeable increase in the number of people driving too fast through our neighborhood, especially on blind curves and down Hillshire and Westridge Drives.  It is only a matter time before we will experience a serious automobile accident possibly injuring one of our children . . . unless we soon change the behavior of those drivers putting us at risk.

Our City Manager, Scott Lazenby, has indicated that our police department can do some targeted enforcement.  With the help of the neighborhood residents, we can forward the license number and the respective violation (estimated speed, reckless driving, running stop signs, etc.) to our chief of police ( or to our city manager  Scott’s phone: 503-635-0214. They will follow up with a letter to the respective driver.  Hopefully this will make an impression.

If the problem becomes more widespread, then there are a variety of traffic calming tools that the city can use.  Speed bumps are discouraged by our Fire Department since they tend to damage the underside of their trucks.  If you would like to discuss this issue, please give me a call.


Dave Sengenberger

Westridge Neighborhood Chair    503-638-0743

Mayoral and City Council Candidate Forums & Debates

For those of you who would like to be better informed on the issues facing our local leaders and hear how they intend to address some of these current problems, listed below are two events that you may wish to attend.

Schedule for Lake Oswego

Sponsor: Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce
Crown Plaza Hotel   14811 Kruse Oaks Blvd.
Thursday, September 29   7:00 – 9:00  am

Sponsor:  LOCAL  (Lake Oswego Citizens Action League)
Lake Oswego High School
Sunday, October   2:00 –  3:30  pm

Looking for a Westridge Directory Coordinator


Is anyone interested in taking on the role of Neighborhood Directory Coordinator?

It has been a while since we have had a printed directory. Many people, like myself, have moved into the neighborhood since then and I think it’s time we update it to include our emails.

If you are interested in the role, have knowledge of the past directory process or want to help out with the project, please shoot me an email:  OR stop by and talk sometime – 5 Buckingham


Emergency Preparedness Fair – Thursday, April 21, 4-8 p.m


Learn how to care for yourself and your family in the event of an earthquake, flood, winter storm, or other disaster at the Emergency Preparedness Fair. Brought to you by the city of Lake Oswego, this free, family-friendly, event will feature approximately 20 informational booths plus programs and activities. Stop by any time between 4 and 8 p.m. and learn about water storage and emergency food options, emergency supply kits, portable sanitation, seismic retrofitting your home, non-structural recommendations, living without power, and much more!

Here are the details in this PDF:


Prep Westridge Guest Speaker – Enhabit

Meeting Details
Prep Westridge – Emergency Preparedness Group
Guest Speaker – Jessica Bond – Enhabit
Date: Monday 3/14/2016
Time: 7pm
Location: Westridge Elementary School Library

Company Details: Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Portland, Ore. that’s focused on building more resilient communities. Enhabit is the next step for homeowners who want to make their homes work and feel better. From the initial review of your home, to choosing a trusted contractor and financing to make the right efficiency, health and safety upgrades affordable, Enhabit is committed to high-performance home renewal that makes sense

Jessica will be presenting for the first 15 minutes of the meeting followed by a Q&A, so please be there on time.

Here is their website (ENHABIT) and here is a teaser of her presentation

R2 Enhabit Infographic_Seismic Teaser

Tips to Get Ready for the Big One
By Stephanie Swanson, Enhabit

We’ve all heard about “The Big One”—a major seismic event that could hit Oregon within the next 40 years. While many efforts are underway to retrofit Oregon’s schools and commercial buildings, homeowners can also act to keep homes and people safe. Here are some earthquake preparedness tips to get you started:

Build An Emergency Kit. Gather supplies, such as flashlights, sturdy shoes, food, water, and a first aid kit. Store supplies in an easy-to-access location. Visit for more on building and maintaining your kit.  

Identify Home Hazards. Heavy objects that can be dangerous if they move or fall during an earthquake. Secure bookcases, electronics, appliances, and any other items to walls with fasteners, or move them away from beds and seating.  

Make a Plan. Identify a meeting spot for friends and family. Pick an emergency contact, someone out-of-state to coordinate with. Everyone should know this person’s phone number.

Retrofit. Reinforcing older homes—bolting them to the foundation, reinforcing the “cripple wall” between the first floor and the foundation and shoring up weight-bearing posts and beams—helps them stay standing after an earthquake. A seismic retrofit can also help you get earthquake insurance, and since your home is your biggest investment, make sure it’s protected.

Portland has about 100,000 older homes that may be vulnerable. Learn how our non-profit can help you retrofit, and secure a spot now for a seismic assessment by visiting:
Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Portland, Ore. that’s focused on building more resilient communities. Enhabit is the next step for homeowners who want to make their homes work and feel better. From the initial review of your home, to choosing a trusted contractor and financing to make the right efficiency, health and safety upgrades affordable, Enhabit is committed to high-performance home renewal that makes sense.