Lake Oswego Sustainability Network Event

Please join us for a special Lake Oswego Sustainability Network event on May 14, at 7:00 PM at the West End Building.    Learn about the Japanese earthquake from someone who was on the ground.  Understand the risks for Oregon and how we can minimize them in Lake Oswego!

Surviving A 9.0: Lessons From Japan’s Earthquake

How Do They Apply to a Sustainable Lake Oswego?

Presentation on May 14

Join the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network as geotechnical engineer Allison Pyrch shares her experiences as part of an engineering delegation that travelled to Japan following their 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. Areas that were not inundated by the tsunami recovered quite rapidly. What did they do to prepare that we can apply to Lake Oswego, to insure that we not only survive and recover, but thrive, after the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake which we are expecting?

Japan has built a large capacity for resilience into their built environment and their society. Many of the strategies they have employed are the same ones which build a sustainable future and apply to other kinds of emergencies. We’ll hear a report on the state of Lake Oswego’s infrastructure (spoiler alert: there is some good news here!) and what need to be done to make it more resilient.

Come early to browse exhibits of information and equipment, talk to experts, find your neighborhood on the City’s Hazards Map and enjoy some light dessert refreshments.

No RSVP required.

For additional information, please contact Jan Castle at 503-636-6709

Presentation sponsored in part by the City of Lake Oswego.