Neighborhood Meeting Minutes 5/27/2015

General Meeting

Date: MAY 27, 2015  @ 7:00 pm
Location: Westridge Elementary School Library

There were 18 in attendance, including the five board members.  Angie Baker and Taylor Finley were recognized as the latest additions to the board.

An overview of the minutes from the previous board meeting on April 14, 2015 were discussed.  The biggest concern was directed at careless drivers that are either speeding or running stop signs.  Tedd Tritt shared with us an effective method of providing our police dept. (Officer Lt. Treat) with the license number of car that made a turn through a crosswalk in which Tedd was walking.  Lt. Treat will have a motorcycle officer visit the owner of the car and “suggest” that they observe stop sign violators.  We agreed this may prove to be an effective technique we can use to create more awareness for drivers exercise more safe driving habits.

A key concern of the board is the need to improve communications with our neighbors to keep them informed of developments in Westridge. One example is to use our website to make folks aware of developments at City Hall that will have an impact on us, specifically, code changes, zoning regulations, and the sensitive lands ordinance.  It seems that staff is driving all the changes; our politicians are simply accommodating.  One example that will impact new families moving into our neighborhood is the fact that kindergarten classes are now full at Westridge. All kindergarten classes all full day for the first time in accordance with state law and Westridge is seeing an influx after Palisades elementary closing. Enrollment will fluctuate throughout the summer so it is recommended that parents sign up children as early as possible for future years. The alternative is for parents to take their kids to Lake Grove Elementary.

The most important subject was our need to get more people involved in the neighborhood.  There has been poor attendance in the past few years. However, tonight’s attendance was very encouraging.

Some ways to improve the interest level were presented by Taylor Finley, who is also responsible for redesigning our website, some features of which were explained to those at the meeting. One important feature of the website is that we now have good distribution lists and people can be well informed by signing up to be “subscribed” to new posts like this on the website. He is an advocate of using street captains as a conduit for the neighbors to use to improve communications.  They would also serve as a link to emergency services in the event we experience a major disaster.  Forming some committees, such as Welcome Wagon, Parents Committee, Picnic Committee, etc. would be an effective way to build relationships.  There are plans to either publish a hard copy or digitized format of a neighborhood directory, the latter which seems to gain favor.  Taylor will spearhead the follow up for the volunteers for the committees.

Treasurer’s report showed a registered balance of $2,422.14.

Meeting was concluded at 8:05

– Dave Sengenberger, WNA Chair