Westridge Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Westridge Neighborhood Association Meeting November 29, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by board president, Dave Sengenberger.  The board members present: Dave Sengenberger, Taylor Finley, Ruth Bregar, and Bill Bregar.  Absent: Angie Baker. There were a total of 12 people in attendance.

Dave read the minutes from the October board meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.

Neighbors then went around the table and introduced themselves.

The treasurers report:

There is about $1,800 in the Westridge account.

Dave set the date of the next general meeting for March 14, 2017.  The board meeting will be held on February 7, 2017.

The following people were nominated and approved as new board members: Rebecca Weinstein and Kristen Hilton.

Old business:

Dave spearheaded a discussion about speeding in the neighborhood. The city manager, Scott Lazenby, suggested that neighbors call the non-emergency police number and report the license plates of offenders. The police department will then contact the speeding parties and remind them to obey the speed limit and to come to a full stop at the stop signs.  Taylor will put this information on the WNA website.  The information will go out to all the people for whom Taylor has email addresses.

Leann Barrett suggested having speakers at the general meetings.  She noted that attendance for the meetings goes way up when there is a speaker.   Taylor moved that the board should have a goal to get a speaker for the general meetings.  The motion passed.

New Business:

Dave brought up the subject of updating the neighborhood directory. There will be a committee to work on the directory.  There are 196 homes in Westridge. There has been a lot of turnover recently.  Angie Baker volunteered to help as did Kristen, Dave, Taylor, and Bill.  Since neighbors are reluctant to have a digital directory, the update will be a hard copy.

The next topic was walkability of sidewalks in the neighborhood.  A motion passed to have Taylor approach the city and get a document citing the code for keeping sidewalks clear of debris and obstruction.  If there is a problem property, the board will notify the homeowner using the city form.

Dave recognized Taylor for all his work on the Website.  WNALO.org.  Taylor updates the site every couple of weeks with pertinent information.


Future business:

Dave reported that the city planners were pushing for both high density and affordable housing.  The city code is complex.  There was a proposed multi-building duplex in the Evergreen neighborhood that the planning commission approved.  However, the Development Review Board voted it down.  Dave’s concern is that the zoning codes in any neighborhood could be changed and multi-family housing could  be constructed, even in Westridge.

A motion was passed to have a member of the school board speak at the next WNA meeting in March.

Carolee Lamata (?) spoke about trying to get the city to help pay to improve Barton Road.  The rain runoff adversely affects properties along the road.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm

A brief board meeting followed with election of officers.  They are as follows:  President, Taylor Finley; Secretary, Rebecca Weinstein; and Treasurer, Bill Bregar.  Ruth Bregar, Kristen Hilton, and Angie Baker will be directors.

A Prep Westridge meeting was held at 8:00.

Submitted by,

Ruth Bregar