Emergency Plan

The purpose of  this webpage is increase awareness of the need for emergency preparedness as well as provide some resources.

For specific Pre LO or Prep Westridge group updates, please navigate to those pages using the drop down arrow on the menu next to Emergency Planning.

OPB has a LOT of good information here: opb.org/unprepared

Here is one of their charts that impacted me. It shows the estimated recovery times for our neighborhood:


Take the time to watch this OPB special “Unprepared


Here is a copy of Dr. Rizzo’s presentation about the impacts of an earthquake in Oregon:

Cascadia_thumbnail (PDF)

Here is a copy of the FEMA’s earthquake safety guide for homeowners:







Here are two good informative videos of the risks of living in our area that might be a good reality check.

Other Resources

CodeRED – Emergency Notifation System (supported by the City of Lake Oswego)

Register for CodeRED notifications

Lake Oswego Emergency Plan Resources