Looking for a Westridge Directory Coordinator


Is anyone interested in taking on the role of Neighborhood Directory Coordinator?

It has been a while since we have had a printed directory. Many people, like myself, have moved into the neighborhood since then and I think it’s time we update it to include our emails.

If you are interested in the role, have knowledge of the past directory process or want to help out with the project, please shoot me an email: webmaster@wnalo.org  OR stop by and talk sometime – 5 Buckingham


Emergency Preparedness Fair – Thursday, April 21, 4-8 p.m


Learn how to care for yourself and your family in the event of an earthquake, flood, winter storm, or other disaster at the Emergency Preparedness Fair. Brought to you by the city of Lake Oswego, this free, family-friendly, event will feature approximately 20 informational booths plus programs and activities. Stop by any time between 4 and 8 p.m. and learn about water storage and emergency food options, emergency supply kits, portable sanitation, seismic retrofitting your home, non-structural recommendations, living without power, and much more!

Here are the details in this PDF:


Prep Westridge Guest Speaker – Enhabit

Meeting Details
Prep Westridge – Emergency Preparedness Group
Guest Speaker – Jessica Bond – Enhabit
Date: Monday 3/14/2016
Time: 7pm
Location: Westridge Elementary School Library

Company Details: Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Portland, Ore. that’s focused on building more resilient communities. Enhabit is the next step for homeowners who want to make their homes work and feel better. From the initial review of your home, to choosing a trusted contractor and financing to make the right efficiency, health and safety upgrades affordable, Enhabit is committed to high-performance home renewal that makes sense

Jessica will be presenting for the first 15 minutes of the meeting followed by a Q&A, so please be there on time.

Here is their website (ENHABIT) and here is a teaser of her presentation

R2 Enhabit Infographic_Seismic Teaser

Tips to Get Ready for the Big One
By Stephanie Swanson, Enhabit

We’ve all heard about “The Big One”—a major seismic event that could hit Oregon within the next 40 years. While many efforts are underway to retrofit Oregon’s schools and commercial buildings, homeowners can also act to keep homes and people safe. Here are some earthquake preparedness tips to get you started:

Build An Emergency Kit. Gather supplies, such as flashlights, sturdy shoes, food, water, and a first aid kit. Store supplies in an easy-to-access location. Visit ready.gov for more on building and maintaining your kit.  

Identify Home Hazards. Heavy objects that can be dangerous if they move or fall during an earthquake. Secure bookcases, electronics, appliances, and any other items to walls with fasteners, or move them away from beds and seating.  

Make a Plan. Identify a meeting spot for friends and family. Pick an emergency contact, someone out-of-state to coordinate with. Everyone should know this person’s phone number.

Retrofit. Reinforcing older homes—bolting them to the foundation, reinforcing the “cripple wall” between the first floor and the foundation and shoring up weight-bearing posts and beams—helps them stay standing after an earthquake. A seismic retrofit can also help you get earthquake insurance, and since your home is your biggest investment, make sure it’s protected.

Portland has about 100,000 older homes that may be vulnerable. Learn how our non-profit can help you retrofit, and secure a spot now for a seismic assessment by visiting: enhabit.org/seismic
Enhabit (formerly Clean Energy Works) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Portland, Ore. that’s focused on building more resilient communities. Enhabit is the next step for homeowners who want to make their homes work and feel better. From the initial review of your home, to choosing a trusted contractor and financing to make the right efficiency, health and safety upgrades affordable, Enhabit is committed to high-performance home renewal that makes sense.  



LO School District Long Range Facilities Plan Presentation and Q&A at Westridge 3/15


Those of you who have young children certainly want the best for your kids, especially in regards to their education.  The Westridge and Blue Heron Neighborhood Associations will present you with the opportunity to listen to the School Board’s vision for the future and pose questions.

Our school superintendent, Dr. Heather Beck, will meet with the Association members on Tuesday 3/15 at 7:30PM at the Westridge Elementary School Gym to discuss the options for a long-term plan for the Lake Oswego School District.  Dr. Beck will present three visions for the community to consider:

  1. Renovate and/or remodel our ten schools (two high schools, two middle schools, and six elementary schools).
  2. Replace those schools in the worst condition while renovating or expanding other schools.
  3. Consider consolidating the high schools and the junior highs within the next ten years.

The entire 72 page report from the planning committee can be read HERE (or via this website) if you want to fully understand the 3 options prior to the meeting.

At 7:00 prior to Dr. Beck’s presentation, the Westridge NA will hold a brief meeting to discuss neighborhood business and concerns or issues you might have.  We look forward to seeing you Tuesday night on March 15.

Best regards,

Westridge Neighborhood Board:  Dave Sengenberger, Ruth Bregar, Bill Bregar, Taylor Finley, and Karen Delaney

Join us for the initial Prep Westridge Meeting 12/7 @ 7pm



Please mark your calendars for December 7th, 7pm @ Westridge Elementary School for the initial Prep Westridge meeting. We will cover the following in about an hour:

  • Group objectives and tasks we will cover
  • Future meeting dates and times (bring your calendar)
  • 72 hour pack build demo and discussion

Here is your initial task before next meeting: Invite your neighbor to come to the meeting or to join the Prep Westridge Google Group. An earthquake is going to effect all of us and we need to prepare as a neighborhood and not as individuals.

Thanks for everyone participation so far! Please feel free to email me directly with any questions or if you are having issues signing up for the google group: finley [dot] taylor [at] gmail [dot] com


Joint Neighborhood Association Meeting – Emergency Preparedness

On Monday, November 2nd, we held a neighborhood meeting at Westridge. It was a joint meeting with the Blue Heron neighborhood. Our guest speaker, Jan Castle, presented on emergency preparedness to inform us on what to expect after the Really Big One – a Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake.  The meeting was well attended with around 75 attendees.  About half were from the Westridge neighborhood and half were from Blue Heron.

Here is a link to Jan’s presentation for those who missed it: LINK COMING

In an effort to become more resilient as a neighborhood, we have started a group called Prep Westridge.


The group will have small monthly tasks to collectively prepare for an earthquake.  We will meet monthly to show and tell and to establish the following month’s tasks.  The group is open to any neighbors that want to participate. By preparing together, we can make the tasks seem smaller an less complicated so you don’t run out and spend a fortune at REI. Google Groups will be the primary source for communication, so please use the link to signup. It will allow us to send emails for upcoming events and for good group discussions like we had at the presentation by Jan Castle. You will not be SPAM’ed and it is not a public list. If you are a Gmail user, please check your “Forums” tab now and then because these group emails might be automatically organized for you in that folder. If you are anything like me, I do not pay attention that folder very often.  If you would like instructions on how to ensure you are getting these emails in your primary inbox, please feel free to ask me for assistance. You can sign up for the group here: 

You will see Prep LO updates on this website periodically.  The Prep LO is a “parent” of the Prep Westridge group and is designed to interact with the city and to establish standards for the neighborhood level groups like Prep Westridge.

Here were some of the resources that were handed out at the meeting:


Living on Shaky Groud (Oregon.gov)


Map Your Neighborhood (hard copies can be picked up at the first stations)


The Really Big One – The New Yorker

Much more resources will be shared among the members of the Prep Westridge group via email, so please join the Prep Westridge group (link above).

LO Update: Land Use Process Change

The following information is intended to bring you up-to-date on the efforts that the city of Lake Oswego has made toward more citizen input in its decisions and how the Westridge Board members have been involved.  The current city manager, Scott Lazenby, has stated that the three minute time for citizen input at city council meetings is not enough time for the people of Lake Oswego to have their say.  The City has begun to have open-forum meetings in order to give citizens a better chance to play a greater part in the decisions that the city makes.  Another area where citizens have an opportunity to be heard is at a meeting called “a pre-application conference.”

A land use/development application is required from anyone who wants to build or remodel structures, build a large development, or apply for a variance on zoning to accommodate development.  A pre-application conference is called for in some situations.

Land use decisions are classified in three areas:

Ministerial development (no discretion – planning department makes decision), e.g., such as building permits, lot line adjustments, etc.

Minor development (limited discretion), e.g., lot partitions, variances, planned development

Major development (major discretion), e.g., conditional use permits, proposed zone changes

A pre-application conference is required for all minor and major developments.   The applicant is also required to hold neighborhood meetings.

As WNA board members, Dave Sengenberger and Ruth Bregar recently attended a training session in order to be qualified to sit in on a pre-application conference.   The training gave an understanding of the steps of the application process and requirements for completing an application.  It is important for a representative from Westridge to be informed about any development that would have an impact on the neighborhood, and bring that information back to the residents of Westridge.  The neighborhood can make requests for changes in the application to the Planning Department, Planning Commission and/or the Development Review Commission.  The neighborhood also has the option of asking that the application be denied.  Additionally, the pre-application conference is a chance for the Westridge representative to inform the applicant of requirements of building within the neighborhood. When appropriate, WNA meetings can be held to discuss the issues.

At this point in time, there are no applicants for development for any type of building permit in the Westridge.  Should there be an application for development in Westridge that requires a pre-application conference, the WNA board chairman will be informed and he/she and one other board will be invited to attend the conference.  We suggest that you go to our web site www.wnalo.org to keep apprised of any developments.

Dave Sengenberger, Chair WNA

Neighborhood Meeting Minutes 5/27/2015

General Meeting

Date: MAY 27, 2015  @ 7:00 pm
Location: Westridge Elementary School Library

There were 18 in attendance, including the five board members.  Angie Baker and Taylor Finley were recognized as the latest additions to the board.

An overview of the minutes from the previous board meeting on April 14, 2015 were discussed.  The biggest concern was directed at careless drivers that are either speeding or running stop signs.  Tedd Tritt shared with us an effective method of providing our police dept. (Officer Lt. Treat) with the license number of car that made a turn through a crosswalk in which Tedd was walking.  Lt. Treat will have a motorcycle officer visit the owner of the car and “suggest” that they observe stop sign violators.  We agreed this may prove to be an effective technique we can use to create more awareness for drivers exercise more safe driving habits.

A key concern of the board is the need to improve communications with our neighbors to keep them informed of developments in Westridge. One example is to use our website to make folks aware of developments at City Hall that will have an impact on us, specifically, code changes, zoning regulations, and the sensitive lands ordinance.  It seems that staff is driving all the changes; our politicians are simply accommodating.  One example that will impact new families moving into our neighborhood is the fact that kindergarten classes are now full at Westridge. All kindergarten classes all full day for the first time in accordance with state law and Westridge is seeing an influx after Palisades elementary closing. Enrollment will fluctuate throughout the summer so it is recommended that parents sign up children as early as possible for future years. The alternative is for parents to take their kids to Lake Grove Elementary.

The most important subject was our need to get more people involved in the neighborhood.  There has been poor attendance in the past few years. However, tonight’s attendance was very encouraging.

Some ways to improve the interest level were presented by Taylor Finley, who is also responsible for redesigning our website, some features of which were explained to those at the meeting. One important feature of the website is that we now have good distribution lists and people can be well informed by signing up to be “subscribed” to new posts like this on the website. He is an advocate of using street captains as a conduit for the neighbors to use to improve communications.  They would also serve as a link to emergency services in the event we experience a major disaster.  Forming some committees, such as Welcome Wagon, Parents Committee, Picnic Committee, etc. would be an effective way to build relationships.  There are plans to either publish a hard copy or digitized format of a neighborhood directory, the latter which seems to gain favor.  Taylor will spearhead the follow up for the volunteers for the committees.

Treasurer’s report showed a registered balance of $2,422.14.

Meeting was concluded at 8:05

– Dave Sengenberger, WNA Chair


Westridge Neighborhood Meeting 5/27 @ 7pm

When: Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 7-8pm
Where: Westridge Elementary School Library
Why: To participate in making our neighborhood awesome
Who: You, yes, you. Bring your neighbors too. Seriously, bring everyone on your street.


  • Website orientation
  • Publishing new neighborhood directory
  • Proposal of new committees
    • Street Captain Committee
    • Welcome Wagon Committee
    • Spring Picnic Committee
    • Parent’s Networking Committee
    • Directory Committee
    • Social Committee

While you’re here, ‘subscribe’ to the website for timely neighborhood updates by entering your email address in the menu to the left. You will not be spam’ed and you will only get about 1 email per month. You can easily unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in the emails.

For agenda suggestions, contact Dave: dave.sengenberger@frontier.com