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PS, please notice the change of date in the documents section for the Planning Commission meeting for the Zoning Overlay IP District.

Howard Russell, Chair


Happy Tuesday!

Check out the documents section of the site for new information from the City.

Also, here is a [pdf] of the agenda for our upcoming Westridge Neighborhood Association Annual meeting scheduled for November 9, 2010, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at the Westridge Elementary Schoool Library on 3400 Royce Way. Hope to see you at the meeting where, among other things as shown on the attached agenda, we will re-elect existing board members, elect new board members and elect officers for the 2010-2011 year.

And now for the final geocaching clue: “If you want to know what Waluga means, watch the LOIS Webisode 1.” Nobody has submitted a response yet, so it isn’t too late to play! The contest ends tomorrow night, 10/20/10 at 11:59:59 pm! The winner will be announced at the WNA General Meeting on November 9th. See you there!

Howard Russell, Chair


We are looking for ways to encourage more of a connected, vibrant and active neighborhood and neighborhood association. One way to do that I hope is to encourage active use of this site. I hope you will indulge me some as I proceed to try. We are open to your suggestions about what might interest you as a Westridger.

One thought might be to share your favorite recipe on the home page of the site. Just email me with your favorite and we can consider posting it, or maybe starting a forum for recipe sharing?

Another thought might be to have a book of the month, with a gathering at the end of the month at a thematic restaurant to talk about it. Hey that sounds fun to me! I propose the book FREEDOM by Jonathan Franzen, the author that kind of snubbed Oprah, but she is reading it as her book of the month anyway! Here is a link to Amazon to download the book for your Kindle if you want. I’m going to download it and will have it done by November 30th. I don’t know what the book is about yet, so I’ll wait to suggest a thematic restaurant to discuss the book until I’ve read it.

Another thought I had was to encourage an ad hoc running group. In fact, I’m just going to try it. My current base run I call the modified “W”. I start at 9:00 am most school day mornings at Westridge Elementary by the bike rack after dropping the kids off for school. Let me know if you would like to join me for this 2.31 mile, a little hilly, run – at about 10-12 minute pace. Depending on the morning I add to this basic route to add more mileage. Also, Saturdays I run with a group a little longer run. Let me know if you’d like to be added to the email list.

Speaking of running, here is the next “geocache” clue to solve question #2, the picture mystery: “Better in the pipe than out.” That’s what my wife LOIS always says.

PS, send me your favorite recipe. Signing off for today.

Howie, Chair


Wow! This just in! Not in our neighborhood, but very close! As I was running down Westview this morning someone must have been doing 50 mph or more along Westview! It made me angry and almost ruined my day. Well, that’s my plug for involvement in our neighborhood safety process! I know that Dave Sengenberger on our WNA Board is passionate about this, as are the others of us on the board. I look forward to continuing to address this issue more seriously in the future, not only in our Forum section on the main menu, but in upcoming Neighborhood Association meetings. You must be a member of the site, as a resident of the Westridge/Tolkien Heights neighborhoods, to participate in the forum. I believe this is something we can all get behind as a unifying force to make our neighborhood a more safe place.


At the meeting hosted by the City of LO for neighborhood chairs, we learned about the Glenmorrie tree walk. HOW COOL! Time doesn’t permit me to go into great detail, but suffice to say that I learned alot as a result of Glenmorrie’s Treewalk. Thank you! Way to go Glenmorrie! From what I understand it was a great success in helping neighbors identify all the different trees in the Glenmorrie area and encourages us to learn about and appreciate the unique role and value of trees to our community. Attached is a flyer made available through this process that unified the Glenmorrie neighborhood and was a benefit to us all. Glenmorrie Tree Walk Flyer. For additional information from the City of Lake Oswego and the Oregon Department of Forestry made available by Glenmorrie’s tree walk, see the Tree’s in Lake Oswego section under Documents on the main menu.

Howard Russell, Chair WNA


WE LOVE LO! At the meeting for neighborhood association chairs sponsored by the City of LO, our friend and advocate Sarah Selden, Neighborhood Planner, talked about the upcoming comprehensive plan overhaul project. And you can get involved in planning for the future of LO at one of two meetings, this Tuesday 10/12 or this Saturday 10/16 at the WEB – see the calendar. This is very important, since the last time we had a comprehensive plan was in 1994! That’s right, over 16 years ago! We will be building on that plan, and the City needs input from the public. We want it to be forward thinking and integrate sustainability into the plan. There are seven areas that are important to consider in the comprehensive planning process: 1) Community Culture. 2) Complete Neighborhoods and Housing. 3) A Connected Community. 4) Economic Viability. 5) Healthy Ecosystems. 6) Healthy and Safe People. 7) Inspiring Spaces and Places. See the City’s WELOVELO Website for further details. Also, see the Neighborhood Association Resources section of the Documents page on the main menu of this site for further information about involving neighborhoods in the comprehensive plan update process.

Howard Russell, Chair WNA


Please see the calendar and links section for new information important to being unified as a neighborhood association.

This week coming up on October 16th, the City of Lake Oswego is sponsoring Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor. This has been a great event in the past where volunteers have reached out in service to others in our community. I hope you have a chance to participate in this city unifying force for good! Also, check out our calendar, suggest any additions, and note that we have our Annual General Meeting for the Westridge NA scheduled for November 9, 2011, at the Westridge Elementary School. Details on agenda to follow shortly.

I offer the following in the spirit of friendship and development of city unity. There are a lot of exciting things happening in our fair city, we have a lot to accomplish, and I for one am thankful to be a resident of Lake Oswego. Lake Oswego has given me and my family much in the way of quality of life over the last 42 years. I am a product of Lake Oswego schools since the first grade. I hope we will remember the importance of gratitude and unity as we enter this political season. Let me start by being the first to discard my old ways of a tendency toward’s private criticism of leaders who often are volunteering their time and efforts for our benefit as Lake Oswegans. Cynicism and criticism are so easy, so passé, and yet gratitude is so rewarding. I propose that we, the Westridge NA, lead the way in an example of unity! May we unite at our neighborhood association meeting on November 9th, and accomplish some good for this segment of the city. I express my gratitude for all that the City does for us, and I hope to remember that during this political season!

So, hmmm, what have I done recently that was fun and interesting? Well, your’s truly went to the City’s meeting of neighborhood chairs hosted by LO City on September 29th. It was great fun! Pizza and soda pop were served -I only tell you this to let my successor chair out there somewhere know that there are some small perks of being a neighborhood chairperson.

The mayor was there, and he gave us a nice update on the happenings in the city. He started off by saying that the city is financially healthy! One of the few in the country I suppose right now. That is something to feel good about as Lake Oswegans! He also updated us on the happenings regarding the city. I took notes as fast as I could, but could only make the following list of topics he covered: 1) Though we are healthy financially right now, with a triple-A bond rating, our city’s finances are based on property taxes which do not appreciate as fast as the cost of service inflation. 2) LOIS is under budget at $90M (less than the budgeted $120M) and on time. 3) Our water system, streets and facilities all need an upgrade. 4) There are problem facilities, such as city hall, subject to water intrusion and which are not earthquake proof. Part of the problem is that our essential police services are not housed in a disaster resistant building. 5) Though we are not moving the library to the West End Building (WEB), a working group is considering $40M, $60M and $80M options for the WEB. Details are on the LO Website and the LO Review. 6) An indoor tennis facility is being considered. The tennis crowd, a significant segment of the LO community, has been patient and supportive of City programs, and it is time to acknowledge that. 7) The sensitive lands ordinance is to be made more flexible. Hearings and meetings are scheduled to accomplish this. Thank you to all who gave citizen input on this important issue. 8) The Oregon Land Conservation Development Commission (LCDC) will be evaluating and making important decisions regarding the Stafford Basin area in November 2010. 9) Regarding the Foot Hills East-end Urban Renewal District, $1.3M is being spent to analyze feasibility of making it a neighborhood. There are many issues to consider: flood plane, what to do about the sewage treatment plant, whether high density housing is appropriate, sewer, water, access. 10) Regarding the community visioning project and WELOVELO – we are the second oldest city in the area in terms of age of residents, next to King City. Conversely, younger and older families alike want to live in a sustainable, walk-friendly city that minimizes auto traffic. WELOVELO is to update our outdated comprehensive plan – more on this below. 11) Our library is being considered for relocation as a north anchor project located on State Street. 12) The old US Bank building area is being considered to be turned into a plaza. 13) Utility rates will be rising to be comparable with other cities in the region. 14) Lake Grove Village – Wizers – to be remodeled. 15) Buy back of the Lake Oswego Armory, sold by LO to the state for $1.00 dollar, being considered. 16) Street car between Portland and LO – hoping for a 60% federal match. $100M value for the right-of-way alone which LO purchased as a good investment for $2M. I invite respectful discussion/debate on any of these matters in our forum section of the website.

Thanks to Sarah Selden for all of the information provided to help us as neighborhood association chairs and boards to plan and achieve successful meetings, signs, neighborhood plans, etc. There is great information summarized in the following documents provided at the meeting: Planning Info for Chairs The job of being a neighborhood chair and doing it right is not that easy I am finding, but I am loving it! I am thankful to predecessors who have served, including David Bussman, whom I miss in that he has moved to Camas, WA, and Adra Barlow, who serves on our board currently. While I am at it, let me express gratitude for those who serve on the Westridge NA board! Also, I have learned by talking with various neighbors that many have served in the past. Thank you to you all. I am thankful for my turn, and I ask for your support going forward. Hope to see you at our Annual Meeting on November 9th!

Howard Russell, WNA Chair


A continued welcome to newcomers to the site!

I think Larry Bedra, our neighbor, beat us to weeding of the sign area! Thank you Larry! So now we are amending the “geocaching” contest from our last post. The contest lives on in every respect, except for two changes: First, the clues to the contest are going to be sprinkled here at this home page blog post, over the course of the next 3 weeks, instead of at the weeding project. And yes . . . the “geocaching” contest will be extended until October 20th. So here is the first clue: The answer to the first question may be found through a link to a video accessible from the City of LO’s website here.

Second, since we will not be participating in the weeding project on October 2nd, I hope you can participate in the upcoming Neighbor-Helping-Neighbor (NHN) project put on by the City of Lake Oswego on Saturday morning October 16th, from 8:30 am (registration at George Rogers Park) until noon. Click here for the paperwork you will need to download, print, fill out and fax back to the city before this Friday (October 1st) to participate. I regret the late notice! Question 3a) in the geocaching contest relating to picking at least one weed from the sign area on October 2nd, is hereby replaced with I [fill in your name] participated in the NHN project on October 16th. Questions 1), 2), 3b) and 3c) still stand.


Welcome to the new Westridge Neighborhood Association website!  Go ahead and kick the tires and look under the hood!  We hope this site will be a place where you can get good information about our neighborhood, the City of Lake Oswego and other topics.  To promote use of the site, we hope to have regular posts that will inspire neighborhood and community involvement.  Looking at the website calendar, you will be able to see what is coming up for our neighborhood, such as neighborhood meetings, and hopefully even a future party/barbecue!  As a Westridge Neighborhood Association member, you will also be able to join a lively discussion at the forum to communicate about neighborhood issues. Only members of the Westridge neighborhood and Tolkien Heights residents proposed for addition to the Westridge Neighborhood Association, will be allowed to post to the forum. Posts with profanity, flaming of others or containing other objectionable content will be removed, and participation on the forum by offending parties will be curtailed. Finally, our WNA board meeting minutes will be posted on the website, and going forward, communications from the city will be posted on the website as well.  I hope you enjoy the site.

Sign Area Weeding Project:  There will be a Westridge sign area weeding project this Saturday, October 2, 2010, from between 8:00 am to 10:00 am at the corner of Westridge Drive and Bryant Road. Many hands make light work, and it is a good time to meet some neighbors while beautifying the sign area. Healthy breakfasty type items will be provided! Please email to to let us know you plan to attend so that we know how many to plan for. Hope to see you there. 

“GEOCACHING” OPPORTUNITY:  At the weeding project, there will be hidden clues that will help to successfully answer the questions below to win the prize.

Whomever answers the questions below first by sending an email with the most correct answers to the site administrator at will be rewarded with a minimum value $20.00 up to a maximum value $200.00 gift certificate from anonymous donor(s) to Palisades Thriftway.  The contest closes October 10th, 2010.  Please contact the administrator at if  you would like to contribute to the prize.

1) Waluga means: a) A type of caviar b) The sound of wild swans touching water c) A Native American warrior d) A type of whale e) A Native American teacher f) To be victorius in competition.  (maximum 1 point)

2)  What is this?  (maximum 1 point)

3) Verify in your answer email whether:  a) you picked at least one weed from the sign area of the Westridge Neighborhood at the corner of Bryant Road and Westridge Drive on October 2, 2010, b) you reviewed the City of Lake Oswego’s website to learn about LOIS, AND/OR c) you marked your calendar to attend the WNA Annual General Meeting to be held November 9, 2010. (maximum 3 points)